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Sabine Miller

Sabine Miller

Born: February 01 1971 in Seattle Washington, USA
Resides: San Rafael, California, USA
E-mail: 123sabinetm (at) gmail (dot) com

I studied English at McGill University and Reed College and worked as a nanny, political canvasser, and photographer before contracting Lyme. Haiku was initially part of Buddhist practice but is expanding.

Books Published: Haiku chapbooks: poems from a garden (self-published, 2000); bee dance (tribe press, 2001).
Haiku and visuals: Shiny Things II (self-published/Scribd. 2013); Shoals [with Richard Gilbert] (self-published/issuu, 2015).
Haiku and other poetry: With Each Fall (Country Valley Press, 2006).

Selected Work
pink sky–– 
a woman sings 
to her laundry
the best part
of Wagner
with the hinges
rock paper scissors ocean
in and out of courtyards
        the wind the cougar
my God-shaped vacuum
fills with rain

Credits: "pink sky" - The Heron's Nest 6.8 (2004); "twilight" - Notes from the Gean 22 (2013); "in and out of courtyards" - Modern Haiku 42.3 (2011); "crickets" - Modern Haiku 43.1 (2012); "rock" - moongarlic 1 (2013); "spring" - Mariposa 21 (2009).

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