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Jesus Chameleon

Jesus Chameleon

Resides: United States of America
E-mail: jesuschameleon (at) yahoo (dot) com

Jesus Chameleon is the nom de plume of an emerging poet, an American poet, a Catholic poet, a new poet, and an essayist.

Awards and Other Honors: World Haiku Review, Shintai Haiku of Merit; was informed, by the editor of Haiku Journal, that, traditionally, it is considered an honor to be published in a first issue.

Selected Work
mango fruit...
green teardrops fall
beneath the oak moon
quarter moon zenith...
body had reclined breathless
white light on a block
image of the nail moon
between branches of mango leaves!
tears of a poet
monsoon brings rain---
south wields winds...
douses the yore.
cooling blossoms here---
arranged into new bouquets
to a torrid theme
burning embers crash...
pliable yule log laid low 
plays Christmas piano

Credits: "mango fruit" - World Haiku Review (Winter Issue, January 2014); "image of the nail moon" - The Poet's Haven; "cooling blossoms here" - Haiku Journal, Issue #23; "quarter moon zenith" - Haiku Journal, Issue #25; "monsoon brings rain" - Poetry Haiku; "burning embers crash" - 50Haikus 1:1 (2014).

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