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Anne Elise Burgevin

Anne Elise Burgevin

Born: October 04 1960 in Newark New York, USA
Resides: Pennsylvania Furnace, Pennsylvania, USA
E-mail: anneatpeace (at) yahoo (dot) com

Anne Burgevin is a teacher, poet, naturalist and environmentalist. Throughout her life she has fostered awareness and a sense of wonder in her children and students about the natural world. While growing up in the Finger Lakes of central New York and then raising her children in the Seven Mountains region of central Pennsylvania, she has come to know and love the northeastern deciduous forests, and the lakes and rivers that shape and define these regions. Her haiku are an expression of her passion and concern for every living being, for whom she has deep regard, including weeds. Standing near a clump of seven foot Joe-pye weed in her yard one summer’s day, Anne’s neighbor told her, “Your yard looks wild and untended,” which Anne took as a compliment. Wild and untended are key words in Anne’s world.

Awards and Other Honors: United Nations International School Contest, English Teachers Category, 2015 (HM), 2016 (2nd and HM), 2017 (1st and two HM), 2018 (1st and 3rd), Anita Sadler Weiss Memorial Award, HM, 2013

Books Published: frozen earth, Red Moon Press, 2018

Selected Work
bald eagle
now a few heartbeats
and fields away
apple blossoms
the ballerina
holds her pose
what my hands
know by heart
an orchid's
soft landing
shallow eddies
we came of age
on this river
spring thaw
a kite string
of geese

Credits: “bald eagle“ - Modern Haiku 47.2, 2016; “apple blossoms“ - The Heron's Nest Vol. XIV Number:3, Sept. 2012; “weeding“ - The Heron's Nest Vol. XIX Number:3, Sept. 2017; “nightfall“ bottlerockets 29, 2014; “shallow eddies“ - Frogpond 36.2, 2013; “spring thaw“ - Modern Haiku 46.2, 2015; Volume XX, Number 3: Sept. 2018.

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