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Ashley Capes

Ashley Capes

Resides: Victoria, Australia
E-mail: mountain0ash (at) gmail (dot) com

Ashley teaches English, Media and Music Production in Australia. He loves Studio Ghibli films, volleyball and, unsurprisingly, haiku. He moderates online renku site Issa’s Snail [] and his latest poetry collection is between giants, released through Ginninderra Press in 2012.

Books Published: stepping over seasons (2009, Interactive Publications, Queensland, AU); orion tips the saucepan (2010, Picaro Press, New South Wales, AU); between giants (2012, Ginninderra Press, South Australia, AU).

Selected Work
pushing memories
along a dirt road 
the wind
shadows on the courthouse 
over the pram
through the shutters
a single fly
carries the chug of boats
re-runs -
the police chief
is always balding
first thing this morning
half a mouse
on the concrete
drying off 
the bathtub sings 
an awful song

Credits: "pushing memories" - Third Australian Haiku Anthology (2011); "through the shutters" - A Hundred Gourds 1: 3 (June 2012); "first thing this morning" - paper wasp (September 2013; "shadows on the courthouse" - Third Australian Haiku Anthology (2011); "re-runs" - Third Australian Haiku Anthology (2011); "drying off " - Third Australian Haiku Anthology (2011).

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