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Marcus Liljedahl

Marcus Liljedahl

Born: March 30 1972 in Malmö, Sweden
Resides: Gothenburg, Sweden
E-mail: marcus (dot) liljedahl (at) telia (dot) com

I work as an opera singer at the Gothenburg Opera House (since 1998), and I write haiku both in English and in Swedish.

Selected Work
late spring
a train slows down
into rain's stillness
a seagull's cry
in the sailors voices
rustling canvas
antique shop
the icon painting
still filled with bliss
winter graveyard
a fresh snow angel
by the exit
the fallen plums stained
by the drizzle
deep winter
monet's garden blooms
in the art book store

Credits: "late spring" - Chrysanthemum 14 (2013); "antique shop" - Chrysanthemum 14 (2013); "melancholy" - Haijin Italia 11 (2013); "a seagull's cry" - The Living Haiku Anthology (Under The Basho, 2013); "winter graveyard" - The Living Haiku Anthology (Under The Basho, 2013); "deep winter" - Chrysanthemum 14 (2013).

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