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Lauren Mayhew

Lauren Mayhew

Born: in Boston Massachusetts, USA
Resides: Somerville, Massachusetts, USA
E-mail: laurenbm (at) msn (dot) com

Lauren Mayhew is a health coach, journal writing instructor, yogini and poet. She lives in a one-hundred-year-old home in the most densely populated municipality in New England. Her haiku, senryu, kyoka and tanka have appeared in Acorn, A Hundred Gourds, bottle rockets, Frogpond, GUSTS, Haiku News, Modern Haiku, Moonbathing, Prune Juice, Red Lights, Ribbons, Skylark, The Heron’s Nest, and tinywords.

Awards and Other Honors: Special Mention, The Heron’s Nest Reader’s Choice Awards for 2012; Runner Up, The Haiku Calendar Competition (2013); Honorable Mention, Tanka Society of America International Contest (2013).

Selected Work
shooting star
my wish for
an unhurried life
September dusk
fading light
through monarch wings
spring breeze
a wisp of hair
escapes her burka
purple hues
in her silver hair
autumn twilight
beach cottage
the musty smell
of old novels
starless night
the small comfort
of tree lights

Credits: "shooting star" - The Heron’s Nest XIII:2 (June 2011); "spring breeze" - The Haiku Calendar 2014 (Snapshot Press, 2013); "beach cottage" - The Heron’s Nest XIII:4 (December 2011); "September dusk" - bottle rockets 28 (Winter 2012); "purple hues" - Modern Haiku 44.1 (Winter/Spring 2013); "starless night" - bottle rockets 14:1 (summer 2012).

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