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Nancy Brady

Nancy Brady

Born: October 1954 in Celina Ohio, USA
Resides: Huron, Ohio, USA
E-mail: n (dot) b (dot) smith (at) frontier (dot) com

Nancy Brady is a pharmacist by profession and a poet by nature. A native Ohioan living near the shores of Lake Erie, she draws inspiration from the beauty of her surrounds, and captures moments in haiku and other poetic forms.

Books Published: Ohayo Haiku (Drinian Press, 2006); Three Breaths (Drinian Press, 2013).

Selected Work
morning rain
hopscotching around
all the puddles
crimson trees
 amid boughs of green
 a first kiss
bright monkey faces
velvety purples and creams
grace the garden
loss of family members
addition of new ones
lateral buds

Credits: "morning rain" - (April 29, 2011); "bright monkey faces" - Dandelion Clocks::Haiku Society of America Members' Anthology 2008 (Roberta Beary and Ellen Compton, editors); "crimson trees" - (January 19, 2008); "loss of family members" - (March 16, 2012).

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