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Ted van Zutphen

Ted van Zutphen

Born: November 28 1950 in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Resides: All over, USA
E-mail: tedvanzutphen (at) gmail (dot) com

Ted van Zutphen grew up in the Netherlands and moved to the US in 1976. He lived and raised his family in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he observed life through the windshield of a bus for 32 years. Since his retirement in 2010 he studies and writes haiku and other Japanese short form poetry. He now travels the US and other parts of this world in his small RV, writing and visiting family and friends, while experiencing the endless beauty, hope and despair of this country and beyond. He edited and, in 2012, published a book of haikai, that grew out of his online relationship with Svetlana Marisova, containing the poems they wrote. His work has appeared in Contemporary Haibun Online, Contemporary Haibun vol.14, haijinx, Notes from the Gean, Simply Haiku, The Heron's Nest, Mainichi Daily News, Haiku News and the Haiku Society of America haiku wall in Bend, Oregon. He sometimes maintains his blog "a loon's laugh" at in addition to archiving some of his and Svetlana Marisova's work at

Awards and Other Honors: An article about his work has appeared in Simply Haiku. Some of his poems have been included in the anthologies, The Temple Bell Stops: Contemporary Poems of Grief, Loss, and Change [edited by Robert Epstein] (Modern English Tanka Press, 2012), We Are All Japan [edited by Robert D. Wilson and Sasa Vazic] (2012) and Brambles, a collection of haiku from the "Cradle of American Haiku" Festival 2012 (edited by Aubrey Cox and Mike Montreuil).

Books Published: Be Still and Know; a journey through love in Japanese style poetry by Svetlana Marisova and Ted van Zutphen (Karakia Press, 2012).

Selected Work
empty boat
adrift without oars
a loon's laugh
an ant
carries more than its weight—
morning prayer
snow drifts—
an angel spreads
her wings
spring storm—
a dayfly clings
to today
misty morning—
the dogwood blooms
my breath
still pond . . .
a water strider
making waves

Credits: "empty boat" - Notes from the Gean (March 2011); "snow drifts" - Simply Haiku (April 2011); "misty morning" - Simply Haiku (July 2011); "an ant" – The Heron's Nest (September, 2011); "spring storm" and "still pond" - Simply Haiku (Autumn/Winter 2011).

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