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Peter Butler

Peter Butler

Born: August 02 1936 in London, United Kingdom
Resides: London, United Kingdom
E-mail: peppercornpoets (at) aol (dot) com

Peter Butler turned to poetry after a long career as a journalist, editor and feature writer in book publishing and industry, during which he edited several nonfiction books. Peter has published three books of poetry (see below).  Peter's poetry - in traditional form and in his now preferred haiku/senyru/haibun format has appeared in over 30 publications in the UK, Europe and US.  Of his book Piece of Shrapnel, Ryan Jessop in Haibun Today observed: 'If TS Eliot wrote Haibun, he may have done so like Peter Butler....a strong first outing at the form'. (March 2013).

Books Published: Lunch at Shakespeare's Local and Teatime on the Moon (Peppercorn Poets); Piece of Shrapnel [a collection of haibun] (HUB Editions, UK, 2013). Forthcoming: A further collection of Haibun is due in 2014, and he is planning an anthology of poetry by blind writers, Light After Dark.

Selected Work
sun setting slowly
I watch it
trying to keep time
a champagne cork
on the gravel
distant voices
by the escalator
busker tuning up
rucksack and coffee cup
yet another landfill
buttercups push
past beer cans
spotted at low tide
the wristwatch
still ticking
out of the rubble
a new road
bending into sunlight

Credits: "sun setting slowly" - Time Haiku (UK, 2012); "by the escalator" - HQ Quarterly (2009); "spotted at low tide" - Dandelion Arts Magazine (2006); "a champagne cork" - Presence Quarterly (2012); "yet another landfill" - British Haiku Society Anthology (2008); "out of the rubble" – From 'Tsunami,' Notes from the Gean (2011).

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