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Gabriel Rosenstock

Gabriel Rosenstock

Born: September 29 1949 in County Limerick, Ireland
Resides: Dublin, Ireland
E-mail: grosenstock04 (at) gmail (dot) com

Poet, haikuist, novelist, playwright, author/translator of over 160 books, mostly in Irish.  He taught haiku at the Schule für Dichtung (Poetry Academy) in Vienna and Hyderabad Literary Festival, India. Also writes for children. Among the anthologies in which he is represented is Best European Fiction 2012 (Dalkey Archive Press). Books Ireland, Summer 2012, says of his comic novel My Head is Missing:  ‘This is a departure for Rosenstock but he is surefooted as he takes on the comic genre and writes a story full of engaging characters and a plot that keeps the reader turning the page'.  Prolific translator of haiku into Irish, including Janak Sapkota, Petar Tchouhov, J W Sexton, J W Hackett, and Jack Kerouac.

Awards and Other Honors: Tamgha-I-Khidmat medal for services to literature.

Books Published: Haiku Enlightenment (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK); Haiku, the Gentle Art of Disappearing (Cambridge Scholars Publishing); The Invisible Light (Text in Irish, English, Japanese and Spanish, photography Ron Rosenstock); Where Light Begins [Nook Books electronic edition] (Original Writing, Ltd., Dublin, 2012).

Selected Work
with his one good hand
a scarecrow points
to the moon
a low sun …
shadows flee
across battlefields
a glimpse of a god
in the eyes of a cat
following a moth
somewhere in the fog
a little bell
around the horse’s neck
the universe expands
wild geese honking
over the wall
and gone – but, for a second –
the fox’s tail

Credits: All selections from Where Light Begins [Nook Books electronic edition] (Original Writing, Ltd., Dublin, 2012).

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