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Diana Teneva

Diana Teneva

Born: 1966 in Haskovo, Bulgaria
Resides: Haskovo, Bulgaria
E-mail: dianart (at) abv (dot) bg

Diana Teneva's poems have been published in lots of newspapers, anthologies, Internet literary sites and blogs. Some of them are translated in Russian, French, English, Italian, Spanish and Croatian. She writes haiku for English reviews and electronic journals such as Sketchbook – A Journal for Eastern and Western Short Forms, World Haiku Review, The Heron’s Nest, The Mainichi News - Haiku in English, Asahi Haikuist Network by The Asahi Shimbun, A hundred gourds, Shamrock - Haiku Journal of the Irish Haiku Society, and Chrysanthemum.

Awards and Other Honors: Her haiku won 5th place in the Third International Kukai Contest and a honorable mention in the Diogen International Winter Haiku Competition for Haiku, Senryu and Tanka (2012). The haiku “cold spring” won Third Prize in the Diogen Best Spring Haiku Competition (2013).

Books Published: Izpodraskana dusha / Scratched Soul (Gidianne, Haskovo, 2005); Kartina v stih / A painting in a verse (Zhenda – HN, Haskovo, 2010; and Probujdane / Awakening (Zahariy Stoyanov Publishing House, Sofia, 2012).

Selected Work
feathering snow
she remembers
her first kiss
winter solstice
a ruby euphorbia 
near the fireplace grid
in the dusk
as if my mum waits for me
on the empty bench
in the air behind me
my name
rustling leaves
shadows waver
on the clothesline
wind blast
on the threshold
nothing but a leaf

Credits: "feathering snow" - World Haiku Review (December 2012); "in the dusk" - World Haiku Review (December 2012); "rustling leaves" - The Heron’s Nest XV:1 (2013); "winter solstice" - Shamrock - Haiku Journal of the Irish Haiku Society No. 24; "somewhere" - A Hundred Gourds 2:2 (2013); "wind blast" - The Mainichi News - Haiku in English, Haiku (January 30, 2013).

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