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S. M. Abeles

S. M. Abeles

Born: New Jersey, USA
Resides: Washington, D.C., USA
E-mail: scottabeles (at) yahoo (dot) com

Just a simple poet.

Awards and Other Honors: Work selected for “best of year” Red Moon Press anthologies.

Selected Work
the way I know 
when you are coming—
blossom rain
where I end
and you begin
stroke of midnight
my father's footsteps the size of every morning
a handgun found
among my father's things ...
autumn begins
pressed flower
I remember 
being beautiful

Credits: "the way I know" - Second Place, European Kukai Quarterly No. 1; "my father's footsteps" - World Haiku Review (December 2012); published and translated into Chinese (by Chen-ou Liu) in NeverEnding Story (January 2013); "pressed flower" - First Place, Shiki Kukai (February 2013); “where I end” – Shiki Kukai (2014); big data: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2014 (Red Moon Press, 2015); [edited by Jim Kacian & the Red Moon Editorial Staff]; “a handgun found” – Modern Haiku 46.1 (2015); Under the Basho (2015 Issue, Personal Best Section); “inside” - Moongarlic 1 (2013); Haiku 2014 -- 100 notable haiku from 2013 (Modern Haiku Press, 2014) [S. Metz and L. Gurga editors].

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