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Martin Esposito

Martin Esposito

Born: December 21 1971 in Rome, Italy
Resides: London, England
E-mail: martin (at) bigcitymartin (dot) com

Martin Esposito is an Italian born bilingual conference interpreter and translator. His poetry is usually recorded and published in oral form as a HEARTBEAT, and rarely sees the light in paper form. He delves into the theme of split belonging and sense of loss in both languages through open-ended explorations of the rapport between the human heart and big machine-systems, in a way distantly related to cyberpunk.

Books Published: Twelve Haiku (Lulú.com, 2012); photos by Martin Esposito and Simoni Simonetta The Basic Eye

Selected Work
caught in the last light
I can just make out her steps
through late winter snow
fly up from the shore
while a skipping CD track
begins to begin
she paces the shore
the mechanics of her heart
caught up in sun rays
in early dawn light
as snow takes on shapes of feet
pride gives in to love
once more she has been
temporarily in love
with afternoon skies
earth grows on these boots
though what weighs down the road is
brown rust on my keys

Credits: All selections are from Twelve Haiku (Lulú.com, 2012)

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