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RD McManes

RD McManes

Born: in McAlester Oklahoma, USA
Resides: Scranton, Kansas, USA
E-mail: mcmanes (at) yahoo (dot) com

R.D. McManes is the author of seven books of poetry. Mr. McManes has had over 140 poems published by 54 different sources including Prairie Poetry, Short Stuff Journal, Writer's Hood, Haiku Sun, Scrivener's Pen, Mipo Magazine, Swooping Hawk Quarterly, The Heron's Nest, Poems Niederngasse, Taj Mahal Review, SP Quill Quarterly Magazine, Simply Haiku, Newtopia, Lochraven Review, Muddy River Review, Commonline Journal, and Baroque Review. He has conducted poetry workshops for the Kansas Author's Club and currently resides near Scranton, Kansas.

Awards and Other Honors: Featured Haiku Poet - Simply Haiku (Oct 2003); Haiku & Poetry workshop presenter for Kansas Author's Club convention (2003); two poems selected and posted on Poet's Trail, Wichita, Kansas.

Books Published: Reflections in a poets mirror (iUniverse, 2001); Love from a poetic point of view ( iUniverse, 2001); Poetic Sighs ( iUniverse, 2002); We ain't in Kansas no more, (iUniverse, 2002); Don't read me like some poem (iUniverse, 2002); Pour me another poem (iUniverse, 2003); In One Breath the Haiku Exhales a Butterfly (iUniverse, 2004).

Selected Work
grass on the graves
the whippoorwill
far away
cloudless day
a wheat field rippling
in the wind
wings of a crow
gather sunlight
between the trees
in the woods
through the rusting can
a grapevine
sultry afternoon—
buffalo grass tickles
the dog's belly
the bamboo
windblown shadows
across a pond

Credits: "grass on the graves" - The Heron's Nest 9 (September 2003); "wings of a crow" - Haiku Sun 3 (June 2003); "sultry afternoon" - Simply Haiku 1:4 (October 2003); "cloudless day" - Simply Haiku 1:4 (October 2003); "in the woods" - Simply Haiku 1:4 (October 2003); "the bamboo" - Simply Haiku 1:4 (October 2003).

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