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Bouwe Brouwer

Bouwe Brouwer

Born: March 08 1977 in Emmeloord, Netherlands
Resides: Sneek, Netherlands
E-mail: bouweb (at) hotmail (dot) com

Primary school teacher at a refugee camp. Writing haiku since August 2008. Interested in writing, photography, drawing and designing/fabricating handmade books in limited edition. My work has appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines worldwide. I'm a member of the Dutch Haiku Association. Some of my work is also available at

Selected Work
east wind
the paper-thin days
of the calendar
abandoned beach house
slowly the dunes
move in
war museum
children skip stones
across the pond
low tide
the silent contractions 
of a jelly fish
the soot 
on the roof tiles
Christmas tree—
every year a little higher 
her paper angel

Credits: "east wind" - Caribbean Kigo Kukai #20; "war museum" - Shamrock No. 23; "memories" - The Heron's Nest XII:4 (December 2010); "abandoned beach house" - Whirligig I/2 (November 2010); "low tide" - Tinywords 10.4 (February 2011); Vuursteen [Flint] (Summer 2011); "Christmas tree" - Caribbean Kigo Kukai #30.

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