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Saša Važić

Saša Važić

Born: October 26 1952 in Velika Plana Serbia
Resides: Batajnica, Zemun/Belgrade, Serbia
E-mail: sasahaikuva (at) gmail (dot) com

Saša Važić is a freelance journalist, astrologer, translator, writer of prose and poetry, essays, book reviews.  She is the author of over 1000 articles on various topics which appeared in newspapers and journals; the Co-Owner, Co-Publisher and Co-Editor of Simply Haiku; a member of the editorial boards of the Haiku Association of Serbia and Montenegro's magazine, Osvit and of Haiku Novine (Niš, Serbia); International Editor for moonset (Oregon, USA); a member of the World Haiku Club and the Haiku Oz (Australia); founder and co-moderator of the Facebook group "We Are All Japan" and co-editor of the We Are All Japan anthology. She was recently appointed Ambassador for Serbia at the United Haiku and Tanka Society (e-news bulletin, Seedpods) []. Her haiku have been included in over ten national and international haiku anthologies and in a number of national and international haiku magazines. They have been translated into English, Japanese, Chinese, Macedonian, Slovenian, Croatian, German, Czech, Bulgarian, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, French, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian and Greek.  She has received more than 60 awards and commendations in contests held in her country, in Japan (Water, Lake and Sea; Suruga Baika; Basho Festival; Ito en; Mainichi), Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria, Canada, the USA, France, Romania, and India.  Largely, through her translation efforts she has brought English-language haiku poetry, articles and books to Balkan readers and vice versa. Važić is the editor of the bilingual Haiku Reality (  She is the author of an e-book of haiku poetry entitled muddy shoes candy heart, edited by Anita Virgil and published by Peaks Press, USA (  She has translated 40 books of haiku poetry by Serbian and some foreign authors (into English), as well as David G. Lanoue’s novels Haiku Guy and Laughing Buddha into Serbian. Her translation of Ljubomir Dragovic's haiku book, Uska staza (A Narrow Road) received an honorable mention for best translation in the Haiku Society of America's 2012 Kanterman Awards (for books published in 2011). Apart from haiku, Važić also writes tanka, haibun and collaborative rengay.  She also creates haiga, some of which have been published at the World Haiku Association’s website, Kuniharu Shimizu’s website See Haiga Here, Haiku Canada Review, Simply Haiku, as well as in the Contemporary Haibun series published by the Red Moon Press, USA.  Her many longer poems and short stories as well as some literary articles and book reviews have also been published in a number of journals, in her country and abroad.

Awards and Other Honors: Second Place, Water, Lake and Sea (Japan, 2001); Fifth Place, DHG (Germany, 2001); Honorable Mention, Suruga Baika Festival (Japan, 2002); Merit, World Haiku Club double kukai (2002); Selected, 56th Basho Haiku Festival (Japan, 2002); Second Place, Odzaci Festival (Serbia, 2002); Judge's Award, Ito en (Japan, 2005); Selected, 59th Basho Haiku Festival (Japan, 2005); Commended, Kloštar Ivanić Haiku Contest (Croatia, 2005); Selected, 60th Basho Haiku Festival (Japan , 2006); Second Place, Bulgarian Club (2006); Second and Fourth Prizes, Chajin—The House of Japanese Green Tea, and the Association for the Promotion of Haikus (France, 2007); Selected, 61st Basho Haiku Festival (Japan, 2007); Honorable Mention, Calico Cat (USA, 2007); Sacura Award, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (Canada, 2008); Honorable Mention, Mainichi Haiku Contest, Japan, 2008); Honorable Mention, Calico Cat, USA, 2009); Commended, Klostar Ivanic Haiku Contest, Croatia, 2009); Selected, International Haiku Contest in Italian, 2009); Honorable Mention, Romanian Haiku Journal "Haiku" Contest (2009); Second Place, Romanian Haiku Journal "Haiku" Contest (2010); Third Place, Kloštar Ivanić Haiku Contest (Croatia, 2010); Honorable Mention for one haiku and Merits for 4 haiku, World Haiku Review (Nagasaki, topic: war, 2010); Special Merit, World Haiku Review (Nagasaki, general section, 2010); Selected, Basho Haiku Festival (Japan, 2010); Honorable Mention, Calico Cat (USA, 2010); Third Place, The Shoreless River (USA, 2010); Honorable Mention, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (Canada, 2011); First Place, Klostar Ivanic Haiku Contest (Croatia, 2011); Commended, Vladimir Devide Haiku Contest (Japan, 2011) ; Runner-up, Basho Haiku Festival (Japan, 2012); Honorable Mention, Mainichi Haiku Contest (Japan, 2012); Honorable Mention, Romanian Journal Haiku Contest (2012); Third Place for Tanka, Diogen (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013); Second Place for Tanka, Diogen (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013); Third Place for Haiku, Diogen (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013); one of 20 equal haiku awards, Iris Haiku Contest (Croatia, 2013); Two Sakura Awards, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (Canada, 2013); all expenses covered for a week spiritual retreat, Spiritual Haiku Contest (India, 2013); Honorable Mention, Mainichi Haiku Contest (Japan, 2013); Third Place for Haiku, Diogen (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013); two haiku selected, Yamadera Basho Haiku Festival (Japan, 2014); Honorable Mention for spring haiku on kite, Diogen (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014); Sacura Award, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (Canada, 2014); Third Place, Bucijada (Ivanic Grad, Croatia, 2014); Third Place, Golden Triangle (USA, 2015); Third Place, Pumpkin Festival (Ivanic Grad, Croatia, 2015); Honorable Mention, Basho Haiku Festival (Japan, 2015); Honorable Mention, 17th HIA Haiku Contest (Japan, 2015).

Books Published: muddy shoes candy heart [e-book] (ed., Anita Virgil, Peaks Press: Forest, Virginia, 2005).

Selected Work
cracked soil
a day laborer bent
over his shadow
winter evening
a voice greeting a neighbor
sounds like my own
father's coffin—
a peony petal
let's cross the road—
just two steps nearer
to the full moon
Guests gone,
silence meets me
in every room
Climbing the station stairs
my red umbrella slightly
touches his black one

Credits: "cracked soil" - The Heron's Nest IX:2 (2009); "father's coffin" - Modern Haiku 39:2 (2008); "Guests gone" - Go-Shichi-Go with the Daily Yomiuri (August 2005); "winter evening" - "Poets in Focus", World Haiku Review (January 12, 2007); "let's cross the road" - Mainichi Daily News (March 15, 2007, No.693); "Climbing the station stairs" - Mainichi Daily News (July 6, 2009).

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