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William Scott Galasso

William Scott Galasso

Born: September 18 1952 in Queens, New York, USA
Resides: Laguna Woods, California, USA
E-mail: scottgalasso (at) yahoo (dot) com

William Scott Galasso is the author of seventeen books of poetry, including Rough Cut: Thirty Years of Senryu in 2019 and Legacy Thirty Years of Haiku in 2020. He's been featured in over 70 anthologies including, Smoke From My Candles, Helping Hands Haiku Anthology 2020, Dance Into the World, the American Tanka Society's Anniversary Anthology, jar of rain: The 2021 Red Moon Anthology, Dance Into the World, American Tanka Society's Anniversary Anthology, The Last Train Home Anthology, 2021, The Gentle Sway of Bamboo, SCHSG Anthology 2021, Visiting the Wind, HSA 2021 anthology and Red Paper Parasols, 2022. His latest work, Saffron Skies (a compilation of haiku, senryu, tanka and haibun) is due for release in early November 2022.
He established the Publisher Galwin Press in 1993.

Awards and Other Honors:

His work has been recorded in A Poet for All Seasons, a PoetsWest CD in 2009 and he co-edited Eclipse Moon, the Southern California Haiku Study Group 20th Anniversary Issue with Deborah P. Kolodji of contributing poet/editor in 2017.
He was selected for the Year We Never Saw Coming by the San Diego Poetry Anthology in 2020 and was subsequently recognized as the Daily Haiku Poet of the Month for June 2021 by the Mann Library at Cornell University in New York in 2021.

Books Published:

Cascadia: haiku (Galwin Press, 1993); Emerald rain: haiku (Galwin Press, 1993); Vermilion falling: haiku & senryu (Galwin Press, 1994); Full Moon Serenade (Galwin Press, 2001); Blood (family) And Ink Poems 1996-2002 (Galwin Press 2003); Odori, Blue (Galwin Press 2004); Laughing Out Clouds (Galwin Press 2007); Sea, Mist and Sitka Spruce: Poems 2007-2009 (Galwin Press 2009); Silver Salmon Runes (Galwin Press 2016); Mixed Bag: A Travelogue in Four Forms (Galwin Press 2018); Rough Cut: Thirty Years of Senryu (Galwin Press 2019) ; Legacy: Thirty Years of Haiku (Galwin Press, 2020).

Selected Work
two pairs of eyes
and two pairs of hands
speaking the unspoken
job hunting—
unclaimed pumpkins 
in the compost pile
in the Spring garden
among several stone frogs
an imposter leaps
ice which held the stream
has become the stream
slipping over stones
Memorial Day 
her husband’s name in granite
all that she can touch
shutters secure 
what we have kindled
begins to burn


"two pairs of eyes" - Point Judith Light; "in the Spring garden" - Haiku Headlines; "Memorial Day" – Northwest Literary Forum; "job hunting" – Frogpond; "ice which held the stream" - Poetalk (Bay Area Poet's Coalition); "shutters secure" - South by Southeast.

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