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Elliot Nicely

Elliot Nicely

Born: 1976 Ohio, USA
Resides: Lakewood, Ohio, USA
E-mail: elliotnicely (at) yahoo (dot) com

Elliot Nicely believes in three things: Good conversation, a loyal dog, and a smooth cider.

Awards and Other Honors: The 2017 "Words Made Visible" Prize; a 2018 Pushcart Prize Nominee.

Books Published: The Black Between Stars (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2017); Tangled Shadows: Senryu and Haiku (Rosenberry Books, 2013)

Selected Work
first light the yellows in the lark's song
dandelion field
the summer wind casts
a thousand wishes
abandoned greenhouse
inside and out
skinny dipping
the pull of the moon
in your voice
the groundhog's shadow
white where there shouldn't be
on her mammogram
neighborhood gossip
from blossom to blossom
honey bees

Credits: (first appearances): “first light” - Acorn Issue #36, Spring 2016; “dandelion field” - bottle rockets issue #16, 2007; “abandoned greenhouse” - bottle rockets issue #20, 2009; “skinny dipping” - Frogpond Vol. 40.1, Winter 2017; “the groundhog's shadow” - Modern Haiku vol. 47.2, Summer 2016; “neighborhood gossip” - Moonset 4:1, 2008.

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