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For those interested in listening to poems read by their composers, as well as an analytical panel discussion on the poem, Poem Talk, hosted by Al Filreis, is an extremely engaging and educational blog to visit. There is already a wealthy archive of podcasts. Of particular interest to readers might be Part #1, William Carlos Williams’ “Between Walls” which touches strongly upon haiku aesthetics, as well as Wallace Stevens’ “Not Ideas about the Thing but the Thing Itself,” Part #14. A number of other poets who have taken forays into haiku, or have been influenced by it, are also featured: Allen Ginsberg, John Ashbery, Ezra Pound. An episode devoted to a poem by Cid Corman is scheduled for Part #22.

Al Filreis, Poem Talk’s host, also has an interesting personal blog of his own here.

What do readers think of the idea of panel discussion podcasts devoted to individual haiku poems?

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  1. Scott, What a joy.. One of the most delightful things in poetry is to listen to a moderator try to engage John Ashbery about one of his poems… which are really dandelion fluff….as distant from his place there as last week’s cold chicken dinner. Thanks for this link, and I surely hope we can do something like this. Hearing the poet gives the poem an essential element that the reader/hearer must share and expand upon – and open it up for universality. In gratitude, Merrill

  2. It sounds like a very good idea. I hope they are kept tight, and have a sense of humour, as well as keeping to pertinent points. Panel discussions work well in live situations at festivals as long as the MC keeps a firm grip when needed.

    It certainly calls for good sound recordings for panel discussions at festivals and these will be interesting rather than just a series of dry sound studio events where there is no live audience.

    Good luck with the podcasts, I shall definitely enjoy them.

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