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Plans for International Haiku Poetry Day 2020



IHPD will be here sooner than you think — April 17 — and we hope you’re planning to participate. Here are the details so far:

HaikuLife Haiku Film Festival.

It’s never too early to begin work on your haiku film. We look forward to sharing your HaikuLife, video haiga, or other haiku video production with the haiku community. In-hand deadline: 10 April.

EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration.

The United Nations has designated 2020 as the Year of the Nurse. This is perhaps a response to the ministrations of so many selfless and usually unnamed persons around the world in our varied and profligate war zones. An appreciation of this necessary and dangerous mission seems appropriate to us too. Plan to share one poem or many in the world’s largest collaborative poem.

Local Haiku Celebrations.

Planning a special meeting? A meeting of your local haiku society? Any other haiku-related event? April 17 is a Wednesday this year, so we would anticipate that most local gatherings will take place on the weekend prior or following.Send us the details and we’ll list it as part of the IHPD2019 celebrations. Information deadline 10 April.

Be a part of it — celebrate International Haiku Poetry Day, April 17.

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  1. The final paragraph here hasn’t been updated from 2019, so April 17 is actually a Friday this year–so why not plan a whole “long weekend for a short poem”?

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