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Periplum Has Moved to the Forum

Our regular readers will be familiar with Periplum, a series of blog posts by David Lanoue that explore twenty-first -century haiku from around the planet. David says of the series:

“My aim is to present recent haiku from different places, reflecting on what they are saying to me: not “the” meaning, but “a” meaning. I hope that you will share your own reflections as well.”

Periplum is now a board in our forum. To see this new board and the rest of the forum, click the Forum tab in the main menu at the top of this page. Periplum is in the In-Depth Discussions area at the bottom of the forum home page.

If you’re interested in past conversations in the Periplum series, you can go to the Periplum blog archive and enjoy cutting-edge haiku by Keiji Minato (Japan), Petar Tchouhov (Bulgaria), Masahiro Koike (Japan), Fay Aoyagi (USA), Jean-Pierre Colleu (France), Casimiro de Brito (Portugal), Saša Važić (Serbia), Ami Tanaka (Japan), Chie Aiko (Japan), Slavko Sedlar (Serbia), Umberto Senegal (Colombia) and Tito Andrés Ramos (Bolivia).

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