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Per Diem/Haiku of the Day for June 2022: Familiarity

Per Diem/Haiku of the Day for June 2022 features Guest Editor Vandana Parashar collection on the theme of Familiarity. This is what Vandana has to say by way of introduction to this theme:

Some of us are fascinated by the unknown, some of us are wary , whereas some of us are downright scared of it. What we all have in common is the comfort we find in familiarity. Whether that familiarity brings with it nostalgia and solace or some past pain, we all experience a sense of connection when we encounter something familiar.

Through my selection of poems, I endeavour to understand how familiarity finds its way into the heart.

Hoping that readers will enjoy getting familiar with the poems and poets featured in per diem in the month of June.

—Vandana Parashar

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  1. Hi Vandana. Your collection is off to a great start. Isn’t it fascinating how the “familiar” sneaks up on us! Looking forward to each day of June. Ron

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