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Per Diem/Haiku of the Day December 2022: Hope

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Due to unforeseen circumstances at THF, this introduction by  the Haiku of the Day Guest Editor is late. Apologies are extended to our readers.

Per Diem/Haiku of the Day for December 2022 features Guest Editor Gary Evans’ collection on the theme of Hope. This is what Gary has to say by way of introduction to this theme:

I began this little adventure as guest editor for December’s Haiku of the Day with the intention of finding poems that spoke of hope. Given these turbulent times, I thought hope was sorely needed and would be a great theme. I still do.

My search evolved over time, though. A couple friends advised that hope speaks to the future, whereas haiku speaks to the moment at hand. Special mention should be made of Robert Epstein, the haiku poet and psychologist from the San Francisco Bay Area. He graciously provided profound insights. We exchanged emails over the course of several months as this project progressed and a friendship resulted. Another poet-friend advised that hope really isn’t the most effective strategy to address life’s challenges.

Discussions such as these helped shape this month’s selections, steering my thinking from a laser-focus on hope and more toward poems that encourage a profound sense of gratitude for what we find in the present moment. And, perhaps, in those moments we can find hope.

Ah, the lessons we learn and must occasionally relearn!

—Gary Evans


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    1. Thank you, Radhamani. I appreciate your commenting on this month’s choices. I like your “serene and positive approach”!

    1. Hi Chuck!
      I’m glad you are enjoying this month’s offerings. A lot of great poetry, as usual. And, yes, Robert is full of profound insights and was most generous with his time.
      Take care and stay safe!

  1. Hi Poets, I don’t see any haiku on the Hope theme yet. Where should I click. How does this work? Will the be Gary’s poems or other’s too. I’m looking forward to them.

    1. Hi Seretta,

      Apparently, there are some technical glitches that have occurred. IT is working very hard on fixing things.

      The poems are not mine, but are those I found from other authors. Once things settle down with the tech glitch, I hope you enjoy the series.

  2. Thank you for a wonderful start to the year, Alan!

    And Dianne, I’m so glad to hear from you. I’m looking forward to your responses.

  3. A great month of haiku to await us this December, yippee again!

    Here’s a one line haiku for fun:

    four in the morning it begins with hooves on the roof

    Alan Summers
    Presence journal issue #74 (November 2022)

      1. Hi Diane!

        Great to hear from you! 🙂

        The one below is just an extra one. Gary (Evans) has created a Smörgåsbord of hope via haiku each day, which can be seen on the ‘Masthead banner’ when we click to the home page of The Haiku Foundation.

        warmest regards,

  4. I’m looking forward to this month’s poems, to thinking about them and perhaps even to write something in response to them. Thanks Gary

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