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Per Diem/Haiku of the Day for April 2022: Presence and Absence

Per Diem/Haiku of the Day for April 2022 features Guest Editor Maxianne Berger’s collection on the theme of Presence and Absence. This is what Maxianne has to say by way of introduction to this theme:


presence but absence but presence but

The perception of absence, the absence of perception, perception through absence, and all possible permutations and combinations. We perceive what isn’t there, we sense what cannot be perceived from our vantage of time or space. Presence and absence, appearance and disappearance manifest themselves through transposition, through synaesthesia, imagination, and word play.

—Maxianne Berger

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  1. post-op fog
    two worlds

    conch shell
    how beautiful
    your legacy

  2. Dear esteemed poet,
    Lovely reading through a wonderful write; my humble openion, image, observation, city or village with crowded street, intended message – all thoughtfully drawn; so much in between ” crowded street and dog’s deposit”
    again again reading through.

    crowded street
    the space
    a dog’s deposit”

    1. Dear Radhamani sarma,

      It always surprises me that a street or intersection (as this was) can be packed with people, many of them rude, bumping into people, lacking patience with anyone a bit slow. It’s as if they cannot see in front of them, barging and bumping into people!

      Yet, somehow all those rude people managed to see the “gift” from a dog—which I decided not to call ‘faeces’ or other variations—which was almost invisible. It was astonishing to see that everyone still managed to “artfully” dodge and ‘skillfully’ avoid the small compact mess on the ground!

      If only all of that awareness could have been added to good manners at that intersection of two main roads in the centre of the city! 🙂

      warm regards,

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