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Per Diem: Haiku from Around the World — December 2017


We’ve featured a new Per Diem on our home page every day since 2012. And, since January 2015, we’ve featured haiku from the many haiku cultures to be found on our globe. You can view this popular feature in its entirety at the World of Haiku archive. We hope you have enjoyed meeting the variety and breadth of haiku as it is practiced here on earth, and coming to know poets who share the same love of haiku as you do.

This program concludes with this month’s Per Diem selection, a potpourri of poems from the many countries that have participated in bringing the World of Haiku to us all. Beginning in January 2018 Per Diem will feature poems from thematic collections created by guest editors (as we did from 2012-2014). If you would like to create a themed collection to be featured in Per Diem, contact us. We look forward to discussing it with you.


P.S. We Want YOU! to be an editor of Per Diem: Daily Haiku in 2018.

Since 2012, Per Diem: Daily Haiku has featured a poem a day on the Foundation website. The first three years’ guest-edited thematic collections (2012 – 2014) are now displayed in our archives, providing a valuable resource to poets, educators, haiku lovers around the world. The last three (2015 – 2017), run in tandem with our feature World of Haiku, are also on display in our Per Diem Archives. For 2018, our seventh year, we are planning to return to thematic collections.

What we have in mind is a series of monthly collections, each with a theme.

We’ll be considering themes from anyone who wishes to participate. What you need to do is:

1) choose a theme

2) provide some idea of how the theme would work

We’ll help you choose a month that’s not spoken for, and can help you get raw materials for your selections. We can also discuss your theme in more detail as you are developing it for airing on the Per Diem site. And we’ll work toward a deadline so your work is received in a timely fashion.

We hope you’re excited by the possibilities of sharing some favorite poems and a theme that is important to you with other haiku poets and readers during 2018 and beyond.

If you’d like to become an editor for Per Diem, please use the Contact page to send your theme and explication, and even a sample poem or two. We look forward to your ideas for our daily poems!

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