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Per Diem for September 2020: Mental Health

Per Diem: Daily Haiku for September 2020 features Susan Burch’s collection on the theme of ‘Mental Health’. This is what Susan has to say by way of an introduction to this theme:

Mental health/illness is something we deal with on a daily basis, and yet most people are not writing about it. Why is that, when it effects our state of mind, our emotions, the people around us? For us to be in these moments and reflect on them, we need to feel them. We need to write about them. And we need other people to read them and share our stories – our joys and our pains. This collection does that and shows us that haiku doesn’t have to be zen. They can be strong and powerful just in talking about our daily lives and the things that impact us the most. In the future, I hope to see more haiku like this, that connect us in new, and perhaps unexpected, ways.

– Susan Burch

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