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Per Diem for September 2018: Sport

In September, Per Diem: Daily Haiku features guest-editor Rob Scott’s collection on the theme of “Sport.” This is what Rob offers by way of an introduction to his theme:

Sport and haiku, surprising perhaps to many, are not the strangest of bedfellows. While haiku is traditionally concerned with the connection between nature and human nature, most sports are played in nature’s elements. A sporting season is often marked by the changing of the seasons, and a team or individual’s fortunes can turn on a blustery winter gale or the sapping heat of a summer’s day.

Nature is present in many of the haiku that follow. But it is not the only setting. Sport is embedded in our social, professional and domestic lives. As players and spectators, it lives within our hopes and dreams and the limits of our imagination. As occasional observers, it forms the backdrop of our everyday lives. All of these aspects of sport, and more, are captured by the authors in the following collection. It’s been a privilege assembling it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in putting it together.

Stella Pierides is a writer and poet. Her books include "Of This World" (2017) and "In the Garden of Absence" (2012), both HSA Merit Book Award recipients. Her article “Parkinson’s Toolbox: The Case for Haiku” appeared in Juxtapositions: A Journal of Research and Scholarship in Haiku, issue 8, 2022.

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      1. Guess I should give my ex a little (very little) credit for this. I wrote this back in the 70’s when I lived in California and played more tennis tournaments than he thought I should!!

  1. I’ll be enjoying each ku in this series, Haiku Bob. 🙂
    Fashions on the Field —
    my bet on the filly
    that won in wet
    – Lorin

  2. wide of
    the goal posts
    autumn wind
    Stephen A. Peters

    Well the first one of the month made me smile, Rob. 🙂

    Looking forward to reading the rest of your selection.


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