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Per Diem for October 2019: Death

Per Diem: Daily Haiku for October 2019 features Anna Maris’ collection on the theme of ‘death’. This is what Anna has to say by way of an introduction to her theme:

The seasons are a fundamental subject in haiku, integral to the form, where birth, growth, decline and death signifies not only the cycle of the year, but often also our own brief human lives. The significance of death as a theme is universal to us as humans, and something that we spend our lives fearing, exploring and coming to terms with. At the end of October, death has its own celebrations in All Hallows’ Eve, Samhain, Höstblot, Halloween and Dias Muertas. But death is also related to light, and so we return to it during this, for many, dark month of the year. 

–  Anna Maris

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  1. attached to nothing a butterfly’s death

    My monostich submission for THF Per Diem.

  2. .
    bluebell woods you left too early
    Caroline Skanne

    This struck me in many ways. Is it a simple walk through the woods at the magnificent time of bluebells? Is this a couple where one of them is not as enamoured of wildlife as the other partner? Is it about loss, perhaps the further loss of childhood when we lose not just one parent but both parents?
    The more I read the poem the more layers, from a partner who might have left to get something practical, but missed a particular sighting, a moment that will have to be let go. Or something about letting go of childhood, and do we really have to let go of everything?
    Travelling the single line of haiku – one line haiku / monoku / monostich

  3. cross-stitch from the
    grandmother I didn’t meet:
    “Put the coffee on”


    Parnassus Literary Journal (2004)


    Ellen Olinger – Three Questions, haiku series edited by Curtis Dunlap.

    Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog


  4. dew
    bearing sun
    in its gut
    in its eyes
    going up
    to the endless wisdom
    never worn out

    1. Dear Steve,

      in my old age
      this coming
      of a shadow
      I can’t recall
      its likeness

      single image of shadow running through — beautifully still painful.
      with regards

  5. A wonderful theme because it is such a strong and true fact that we carry with us from the second we are born. We are alive but for such a short, regardless of the length of our individual life term.
    my inevitable death mayflies
    i.m. Terry Pratchett OBE (28 April 1948 – 12 March 2015)
    Alan Summers
    One-line haiku published by Bones journal issue 6 (March 15, 2015)


  6. home far away
    after two steps the sea …
    October sun

    grape must …
    on the empty bottles
    crow’s shadow

    after sunset
    light trails…
    autumn shadows

    together with the sun
    going and coming back …
    autumn shadows

    light beams…
    shadows of black birds
    on Ground Zero

    children at school…
    swallows in migration
    beyond the sea

    only a dog
    with the hanged man…
    summer evening

    born to wither
    on a grave

    sea lilies…
    child’s shoe
    a few steps

    fake flowers…
    in the shade of cypress trees
    north wind

    all watching
    cutting the cake…
    grandfather’s party

    no flowers…
    in garden with me
    my roses

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