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Per Diem for May: Look to the Sky!

Gene Murtha is our Guest Editor for Per Diem in May. Along with being a haiku poet, Gene is an avid birdwatcher, and his overlapping interests are on display in this month’s Per Diem gallery. Gene writes:

May is one of our better months to look to the sky, and you will be surprised at what you may see, besides possibly Superman or an airplane; “it’s a bird.” The avian. In these selections I want to share with you my love and my passion for nature through poems which are among the best bird haiku ever written. These haiku bring out the obvious, and not so obvious; even a poem that does not include the name of a bird. So open up your field guides and enjoy the ride.

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  1. My extended apology to Marian Olson for her haiku getting cropped, the word “heron,” along with her name are missing from today’s bird haiku.



  2. Only a couple of errors so far, but hey? Sorry Micheal for the poem that was not included for
    this project. I hope every one has fun. Gene

    least bittern
    I hold the paddle tight
    against the current

    pond shimmer
    there not there

    The Heron’s Nest

  3. A wonderful idea, Gene. I follow some blogs by serious birdwatchers. Their photos are amazing and I learn a lot. They enjoy poetry about nature as well.

    A late Spring here in Wisconsin. The robins and red-wings returned over a week later than last year.


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