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Per Diem for May 2019: Wearable (Haiku)



This month, Marietta McGregor focuses our haiku lens on a practice which is uniquely human – wearing clothes. Her selection of haiku traverses the range of social functions and cultural norms of clothing. Clothing can be an agent of comfort, a form of adornment and an expression of personal taste. It can also resonate as a form of legacy, as in the memory of a loved one. Marietta’s collection covers all of this and more, and in the true tradition of haiku, captures the sheer ordinariness of wearing clothes.

– Rob Scott


Theme: Wearable (Haiku)

From birth to death, unlike the rest of the animal kingdom we humans wrap ourselves in some sort of garb, actual or metaphorical, and set it off with accoutrements which can be useful or decorative or both. Our choice may be dictated by our culture, our environment, the seasons, our gender, our age, the work we do, what we believe in, or simply the vagaries of ‘fashion’. Haiku from all countries touch on this very visible element of our ‘human-ness’.

– Marietta McGregor

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  1. Dear Marietta McGregor,
    Greetings . Your insightful choice of haiku theme ,focusing on (wearable) clothes and notes resonate with all the explanations current, prevailing. Always enjoy your powerful write and per diem is always interesting,
    with regards

  2. Where do you submit the poems? I see that Radhamani sarma has already contributed two already. Do we just post them here or does Marietta view them first?

    1. Hello Mary! The way Per Diem works is that someone is a guest selector for one month. Last year Stella Pierides called for suggestions for themes for each month, and I came up with the ‘Wearable’ theme, which was accepted for May. So I had the happy job over a few months of reading many journals and chapbooks to find a wide range of poems featuring clothing, from poets all over the world. My selection then went to Rob Scott, who is now the Per Diem coordinator, last February/March, to be randomised ready for putting up on the Troutswirl banner. So that part is fixed. However, as Radhamani Sarma has done, you’re welcome to post any day. Warm wishes, Marietta

  3. Looking forward to this display of haiku and senryu on clothing.
    Jan in Texas

    1. Thanks, Jan! Hope you enjoy the poems as much as I did choosing them.

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