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Per Diem for March 2014: Blue Riband of the Atlantic

And now for a completely different kind of theme. Ralf Bröker explores the call of the sea. As he explains:

The Blue Riband is an unofficial prize given to the passenger liner with the fastest Atlantic crossing. I feature here haiku and haijin with a maritime or transatlantic background.

Smell the salt air all month via Per Diem, on the THF website.

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  1. Wonderful theme, edited by Ralf Broker.

    Today’s Per Diem:

    frosty evening —
    the smell of a book
    just arrived

    by Ion Codrescu

    * * *

    brought to mind a poem I wrote that I placed in my Poems For Bulletin Boards category:

    reading a new book
    the fragrance
    of fresh paper

    One of the nice things about blogging is the archive it creates over time. I use the search feature to find poems that I wrote but not sure of the year etc.

    Always wonderful to hold a book or journal in our hands along with time at the computer. I also remember receiving Hermitage, edited/produced by Ion, in the mail. One of his excellent haiga is in my collection.

    Also appreciate how the Per Diem poems link to The Haiku Registry, when the poet has a page there.

    Thank you, Ellen

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