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Per Diem for June: Rain


The June forecast is rain, rain and more rain! The whole month of June, Per Diem: Daily Haiku features relentless ‘Rain.’ This is what Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy, guest-editor of the month, has to say about it:


What would we do without rain – the giver of life! The Hindus, Jains and Indian Buddhists dedicate an entire season to it – varSha Rutu or the monsoon. And there is hardly a haiku poet that has not been touched by the magic of rain.

So here comes rain, astride the cloud-elephants, heralded by thunder-drums. May the reviving breath of rain, filled with the power of life, bring all that you desire, remove all pain, setting your imagination on fire (paraphrasing poet Kalidasa). A month of haiku showers!


Stella Pierides is a writer and poet. Her books include "Of This World" (2017) and "In the Garden of Absence" (2012), both HSA Merit Book Award recipients. Her article “Parkinson’s Toolbox: The Case for Haiku” appeared in Juxtapositions: A Journal of Research and Scholarship in Haiku, issue 8, 2022. She serves on the Board of Directors of The Haiku Foundation, and she conceived and coordinates the Haiku for Parkinson’s feature.

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  1. barely spring
    black sheep clouds

    cold rain
    shadow of a bust

    rainy moon
    makes no sound
    birdbath cheers

    old birdbath
    the windswept rainbow

  2. the windy rain blows-
    on veranda window slide
    a pinwheel spinning

  3. Here in Ireland rain is all too familiar, and I think we may have as many words for this form of precipitation as Innuits do for snow!

    Although seen as a nuisance by parents during the school holidays, it means there is always a verdant football pitch to keep our kids happy!

    I look forward to reading your selection immensely, Shrikaanth.


    1. Coincidentally, this one of mine about rainis hot of the press . . .

      soft rain
      the grass gets greener
      blade by blade

      Africa Haiku Network 31.05.18

    2. Thank you Marion- yes languages! I think the number of words for the same thing in a language show how important it was/is not he culture it developed- like camels in Arabic. Lotus in Sanskrit! Fool in Kannada (!), woman in Telugu! please share the words for rain in Irish

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