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Per Diem for June: Colour My World

Ron C. Moss of Tasmania is our Guest Editor for Per Diem in June. Ron, being an artist as well as a poet, has a particular interest in haiku that transport us directly to the moment through visual pathways. He writes:

From the early beginnings Master Bashô tantalized us with “The voices of ducks being faintly white” and Buson gave us inquisitively painted works in both images and words. They helped us to experience the world through the senses with the simple use of colour, both stated and implied. Many contemporary haiku poets continue to use this time-honored technique to evoke layers of vibrancy that only colour can bring. I offer this month’s collection with the hope that the reader will discover the broad scope of what can be achieved using the spectrum, and may it inspire and enrich their writing.

Follow his colorful selections each day in Per Diem, and enjoy!

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  1. Thank you, Ellen. This was northern Maine, about the same place, especially as the Upper Peninsula.

    What sex was the damselfly?

    Ha! – Paul

  2. autumn-blue sky
    a damselfly joins
    my boat ride

    Paul W. MacNeil

    The blue in autumn is like no other blue! One of the most beautiful times here by Lake Michigan in Wisconsin.


  3. Sorry for the display of the test poem in the Per Diem window for today! Things should be back to normal now.

  4. Interesting, i read allen’s poem earlier today and now dave’s running a test

  5. Hi folks. As I am sure you noticed we had a sudden change of Per Diem poem today. This is due to the fact that work is being done to the site at the moment. This enabled us to restart the software program with the poem it was meant to start with: “indigo night”. I am sure we will get back “distant virga” during the month. Double pleasure! Keep reading!

  6. Lovely to read Allan Burns’ ‘distant virga’ on today’s per diem. I’ve had a soft spot for cats, dogs and men with those non-matching eyes since I was about 12 years old :-)

    But “Ron C. Moss of *New Zealand*? !!!

    Last I heard, Tasmania was still where it should be, just down from Victoria across Bass Straight, which should not be confused with The Ditch (Tasman Sea) on the other side of which is The Land of the Long White Cloud (NZ).

    (It’s true that Ron and his family lived in NZ during his boyhood)

    “Ron lives and works in Tasmania, a small Island State of Australia; a wonderful wild place filled with beautiful scenery and wilderness areas.”

    – Lorin

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