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Per Diem for July: Songs of the Open Road

Tom Painting takes us On the Road for this month’s Per Diem. He writes:

Walt Whitman may have said it best in his poem, Song of the Open Road:

“ Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road, Healthy, free, the world before me…”

I’ve driven highways and back roads in fifty states. Read with enthusiasm Blue Highways by William Least Heat-Moon and mirrored some of his travels. Each summer my children and I throw the tent into the mini-van and head out. Last year we found remnants of old Route 66. The open road is comprised of places we visit or temporarily reside. The road may take us to spots familiar, but far removed from routine.

The open road inspires poetry and especially haiku, which may come without warning just around a bend or at the top of the Great Divide.

summit road
once more the moon
changes windows

What a pleasure it has been assembling this selection of haiku written by poets who have embraced the unexpected or a chance encounter while traveling the byways of life.

Travel with Tom and his Band of Merry Haijin all month via Per Diem, on the THF website.

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  1. Today’s Per Diem by Terri L. French:

    road trip
    bringing home grasshoppers
    from five states

    reminds me of the ongoing work in Wisconsin to help people be more aware of invasive species. There are signs by all the lakes reminding people to clean their boats etc.

    Enjoying the poems each day . . .

  2. Dear Tom, I look forward to the new Per Diem collection.

    Also, I just reread your excellent Junior High writing lesson on The Haiku Foundation Education Wall. Thank you so much. As I said on my blog, “This is collaboration at its very best.”


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