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Per Diem for January 2018: New Beginnings

Per Diem: Daily Haiku features our daily poem. Since 2012, we’ve presented three years of guest-edited thematic collections and three years of poems from the World of Haiku, seeing the variety and breadth of haiku as it is practiced around the world.

These poems, more than 2190 of them, are now permanently available in the Foundation Per Diem Archive, and are included in our Haiku App.

For 2018, our seventh year featuring Per Diem: Daily Haiku, we have a number of new thematic collections in the works. Our guest-editors are busy selecting poems for their collections on a variety of exciting themes.

January’s guest-editor, Iliyana Stoyanova, has selected 31 poems on the theme “New Beginnings.” This is what Iliyana offers by way of an introduction:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
     — Lao-tzu
Every day is a new beginning. We are given the chance to see something new, to hear new sounds, to meet new people, to experience and create new things. There is no such thing as an ending — just a new beginning. The haiku in this selection have been inspired by “new beginnings” — the beginning of a new day or even a new period in life; first love, new love or simply meeting new people or feeling something for the first time; new experiences or a fresh start, having a baby, moving to a new home or even to a new country . . .


Stella Pierides is a writer and poet. Her books include "Of This World" (2017) and "In the Garden of Absence" (2012), both HSA Merit Book Award recipients. Her article “Parkinson’s Toolbox: The Case for Haiku” appeared in Juxtapositions: A Journal of Research and Scholarship in Haiku, issue 8, 2022.

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  1. Thanks Iliyana

    I,m sure it will be a beautiful and sensitive collection. Looking forward to it.

    Hazel Hall

  2. Thank you all for the kind comments! The selection was made back in 2014 and it has been a long wait but hopefully it’s worth it!
    Wishing you the very best in the New Year!!!
    Warm regards,

  3. Happy New Year – looking forward to reading Iliyana’s ‘new beginnings’ selection.


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