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Per Diem for February 2021: Oceans

Per Diem: Daily Haiku for February 2021 features Lynne Jambor’s collection on the theme of ‘Oceans’. This is what Lynne has to say by way of an introduction to this theme:

Ocean; the source of life from time immemorial, covering 71% of humans’ only home, a treasure chest for exploration still in 2021. These poems by thoughtful and gifted haijin address ocean light, winds, storms, fish of unlimited species, birds; as well as our dependence on its depths for beauty, transportation, food, and mental and physical health.

– Lynne Jambor

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  1. deep beneath the sea
    upon those in deepest sleep
    cherry blossom petals fall

    — Momoko Kuroda

    A wonderfully poetic rhythm of a haiku repeating assonance with ease! Brilliant!


    the waves
    within us

    Alan Summers
    Publication credit:
    Presence issue #65 (November 2019)
    page 44
    Presence #66 Best of… (March 2020)

    the moon bumps
    into a paperboat

    Alan Summers
    The Heron’s Nest vol. XXI no. 4 (1st December 2019)

        1. Especially the moon verse, Alan…there’s something about moonfalling waves that reaches within all of us. I am quite fond of your work😍

          1. Thanks Michelle,

            As moon verses are so integral to renga and renku I started writing moon haiku and have enough for a collection! 🙂

            the moon is a river
            beyond the borders
            of my world

            Alan Summers
            Australian Haiku Society International Haiku Poetry Day – Haiku String
            (April 2020)

      1. Ah, Dylan Thomas! A friend of mine used to have him tell her bedtime stories when she was a child. She knows the family well.

        She was upset at how he was portrayed badly in the Keira Knightley, so if have seen it, it’s not true, and if you haven’t, I’ve given you a heads up! 🙂


        1. Haven’t seen it. I won’t believe it. Historicism was never what I held much stock in😉 Dylan Thomas is who I give credit for making me want to go to grad school in poetry. Wow how cool to know his family!😎

  2. moon oscillating
    the night to a sea
    of surrendering

    Michelle Beyers
    Copyright © 2/2/21

    1. forgot my email address…

      moon oscillating
      the night to a sea
      of surrendering

      Michelle Beyers
      Copyright © 2/2/21

      1. oh thank you! I am a newbie but have fallen in love with haiku. I have had more experience with short lyrical but can’t wait to learn from you.

        1. It’s a wonderful time just starting out with haiku! 🙂

          I don’t dictate how someone should write haiku, only raise suggestions about aspects of the writing within itself.

          Just completing our second one line haiku course, and I’ve been blown away by the poets, so much so, they have more feedback than usual, just showing the brilliance of the way they have done them on the last assignment! 🙂


          1. I will definitely keep checking the course calendar. I am looking forward to expanding my awareness.😍

          2. Thank you, Carol. He must be a great teacher. Every course seemed full. Thank you for the validation. Can’t wait to begin learning from such an esteemed poet!😍

    2. Alan,

      I will definitely buy that collection! I am such a moon lover (cancer pisces rising lol), I am working on one myself. I feel the moon. I don’t know. I think a lot of people do. Alan, do your courses have paypal? I am interested!

      1. Hi Michelle,

        I would love to create an array of themed pamphlets! There is a collection in progress, as my last full collection was back in 2012.

        Yes, we have PayPal for our courses, and one to one Skype sessions:

        I’ve also given feedback and advice on quite a few collections, and always excited by them!

        warm regards,

        1. Thank you, Alan. I am looking forward to signing up for a course. For some reason, I couldn’t find the link. I will go there now.

          Can’t wait to see your moon collection😊

          1. wow Thank you so much, Alan. I will definitely take you up on reviewing my manuscript. At 58, I am eager to publish more. Just one under my belt so I really appreciate it. I will contact Karen. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oceans are my favourite place to head for inspiration. Looking forward to Lynne’s collection.

  4. Enjoyed the first of the February haiku on the theme of ocean!

    rogue wave
    ….curling me back
    into myself

    — William Scott Glasso

    I’m reminded of a woman with a heavy load of duties during the current covid pandemic, and she got depression on top of everything else thrown at her. She discovered the ocean, for calm, and discovery, as well as self-discovery.

    It was a magical featured moment on the BBC Winterwatch nature series (BBC 2).


    wriggling toes
    in table salt water
    I revisit Margate

    Alan Summers
    Publication credit:
    Nick Virgilio Association Haiku in Action (January 20th – January 27th 2021)

    “When I lived in London, going to the seaside resort of Margate, that faced the North Sea, was a big thing. Not posh or fancy, but it was always an event! Now, under strict lockdown, I wriggle my toes in a bucket of water mixed with table salt!”

    A glimpse of Margate back in the old century! 🙂


    escape velocity
    the moon pulls oceans
    behind Apollo 11

    Alan Summers
    Commission: “Rocket Dreams” commission 2007
    Read/performed U.K. National Poetry Day October 4th 2007 with Space Historian Piers Bizony and NASA images, as part of World Space Week


    Land’s End

    I see my voice
    in the sea

    Alan Summers

    Collaborative Collection Credit:
    The Comfort of Crows
    Hifsa Ashraf & Alan Summers

  5. glints of silvery
    moon across the
    brim of the sea

    Michelle Beyers
    Copyright © 1/31/21

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