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Per Diem for February 2014: The Highest Branches

Family relations never fail to carry strong emotional weight. February Per Diem editor Terri L. French explores the most direct of these relationships:

On the graphic of a family tree a person usually puts themselves at the top with parents beneath, and grandparents under them. These three generations are in effect the “highest branches” on the tree.

The haiku for this month mentions directly or alludes to the relationship and memories associated with parents and grandparents. Some of these are nostalgic in nature, some refer to present day relationships, some have comforting tones, some are more melancholy in nature.

When reading the work of others, it is almost always these haiku centered around family that touch me most profoundly. I hope that the readers of Per Diem will also feel this way about my selection.

You can find Terri’s photographic link at Pinterest.

You’re sure to find something with which to identify all month via Per Diem, on the THF website.

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  1. Dear Terri, I look forward to reading your selections for this wonderful theme.

    Today’s poem by Merrill Ann Gonzales

    her silence
    enters the granite
    of her sons’ headstones

    says so much. I also recall Merrill’s many excellent haiga, as I picture this poem.

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