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Per Diem for December: 31 Ways of Looking at a Mountain

Nothing moves us like a mountain. Here are poems that celebrate that landmass, and that fact. December Per Diem editor Michael McClintock writes:

There is probably no landform in the world that has more legend and lore attributed to it; it is found everywhere in the arts and literature of the world, and that includes haiku—the home, redoubt, and inspiration for poets and prophets, holy men and bandits.

See if these poems take you to a special place all month via Per Diem, on the THF website.

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  1. I’ve been enjoying the December mountains — nice choices. Many thanks to Michael McClintock for this month’s treasures — and to all previous monthly editors who have made visiting THF a daily necessity for me. A very special thank you goes out to Stella Pierides for shepherding this feature so brilliantly!

  2. Looking forward to the new Per Diem poems as always.

    When I saw this post, I thought of “Landslide,” the classic song by Stevie Nicks. She wrote, “Climbed a mountain and I turned around . . .” For me, that’s about having to begin anew a few times. Her song goes back many years and is still new. Wonderful theme to bring us to 2014.


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