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Per Diem for August 2019: Birthdays

Per Diem: Daily Haiku for August 2019 features Sondra J. Byrnes’ collection on the theme of birthdays. This is what Sondra has to say by way of an introduction to her theme:

The idea of ‘birthday’ leads inexorably to one’s death day…ticking off celebrations that lead to the inevitable. Maybe a moment is taken to cheer any successes and log some regrets, even plan a few reforms. 

How does the experience of birthdays change over the years?  What associations pop up?  Is sharing a birthday celebration important?  How so?

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  1. trying bravery
    for my birthday–bring both dogs
    to their dentist

    (c) 2019 by wendy c. bialek

      1. Dear Radhamani Sara.
        Hello. Indeed a birthday, anniversary or other marker provides a way of recording our lives.

        in blot
        how the mark fades
        in time

  2. .
    strange heat–
    a week to my birthday
    the red ferrari passes again
    Alan Summers
    Publication credit: haijinx vol. I, issue 1 (spring 2001)
    Newspaper feature: Bristol Evening Post (2002)
    Anthology: Raku Teapot: Haiku Book and CD pub. Raku Teapot Press in association with White Owl Publishing Book: ISBN 1-891691-03-1 CD: ISBN 1-891691-04-X (2003)


  3. Birthdays, they come and go. The younger years filled with jelly and ice cream, the middle with wine and beer. The latter making comments along the lines of; oh to be young again
    fifty seven year
    riding a wave
    of deflation

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