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Per Diem: Daily Haiku from Around the World—September 2016







We’ve featured a new Per Diem on our home page every day since 2012. In 2016, we’re pleased to continue linking this popular feature to World of Haiku, featuring poems from a different country each month. We hope you enjoy seeing the variety and breadth of haiku as it is practiced around the world, and coming to know poets who share the same love of haiku as you do.

Poland is the featured country in September 2016. For more information about haiku in this part of the world, see A History of Haiku in Poland.


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    1. Hi Terran: All the previous World of Haiku entries can be found on the site under World of Haiku (listed under features on the main menu) You can also view all previous Per Diem daily poems in the Per Diem Archive (listed under archives on the main menu) (and of course Poland won’t appear until the end of the month). You can always find any of our holdings by searching via the Categories bar at the bottom of every page. We hope you enjoy the whole range of haiku offered from around the globe in THF’s World of Haiku!

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