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Per Diem/Daily Haiku for July 2021: Micro Haiku

Per Diem: Daily Haiku for July 2021 features Christopher Patchel’s  collection on the theme of ‘Micro Haiku’. This is what Christopher has to say by way of an introduction to this theme:

Whenever I give haiku readings, it is often the briefest poems—what I call micro-ku—that get the biggest rise. For while haiku is already renowned for its brevity, micro-ku push more-with-less brevity to its ultimate limits. And they do so with no loss of potency or range compared to that of the best normative haiku and senryu in English.

I’ll just note that I have limited my selections to poems with 3 beats (primary accents) or fewer, and which are also 8 syllables or fewer. And I sought to include a wide array of poets, approaches, aesthetics, and subject matter within those limits.

– Christopher Patchel

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    1. Alan, thank you for posting two of my haiku! I was fortunate to have a very good haiku instructor.

      1. I still think this one is as great as the amazing Hosai Ozaki one!!!

        alone tonight a single malt

        Margaret Walker
        Nominated for The Haiku Foundation Touchstone Award

  1. It’s an interesting challenge to write an “even more ultra shorter haiku”:

    was it dark inside wolf

    Alan Summers
    Mistero una volte series
    Weird Laburnum (November 2019)

    the waves
    within us

    Alan Summers
    Presence issue #65 (November 2019)
    Placed: Presence #66 “Best of Issue” (March 2020)

    Van Gogh blues sky

    Alan Summers
    Mistero tre volte series
    Weird Laburnum (November 2019)

    Planet B

    Alan Summers
    The Haiku Foundation’s Haiku Dialogue: Poet’s Choice, Brevity
    ed. Craig Kittner (August 2019)

    dawn sung itself out

    ebook collection by Alan Summers
    Proletaria politics philosophy phenomena
    ed. Elancharan Gunasekaran
    (February 2020)

    foraging starlight

    Alan Summers
    Mistero tre volte series
    Weird Laburnum (November 2019)

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