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Per Diem/Daily Haiku for April 2021: Reading

Per Diem: Daily Haiku for April 2021 features Gillena Cox’s collection on the theme of ‘Reading’. This is what Gillena has to say by way of an introduction to this theme:

I think the first thought for many on hearing the word ‘read’ would be to imagine a book or perhaps a word. Surely reading is not only about books or about words? The word READ connotes seeing or gathering, interpreting, and understanding.

Reading can take one into different realms of being, including the following: enjoyment, study, debate, consensus, disagreement, knowledge, environment….and haiku. To whichever realm you choose to place yourself, haiku is present; for haiku are those living breathing moments we imbibe with our mind’s eye and transcribe into tiny beautiful poems.

This April, enjoy the writings of 30 haiku poets sharing their reading aesthetic in tiny beautiful haiku.

Guest Editor: Gillena Cox

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  1. Reading
    the wedding napkin
    becomes a plan

    Alan Summers

    I always like to mispronounce the town of Reading (REDD ING) to (REED ing). 🙂

    After a wedding reception, the train I caught did not stop at my town but carried on! I had a large high quality wedding paper napkin which I used to outline a new haiku walking ginko method!

    So it was a case of Reading and Writing. 🙂

    Reading train station:

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