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Per Diem Archive: J. Sutherland, November 2020, Horses

Haiku for Per Diem on the theme of 'horses' as chosen by Jennifer Sutherland.

Author: Ron C. Moss
old horses 
days of endless rain 
in their eyes
Author: Gavin Austin
stable door
the polished mahogany
of the mare’s flanks
Author: Fay Aoyagi
wind from the east
I ride the green horse
of a warrior deity
Author: Simon Hanson
alone on the shore all the white horses
Author: Thomas Powell
the haltered pony
on its back
Author: Cherie Hunter Day
palominos –
the curve of the winter hills
in moonlight
Author: Chad Lee Robinson
ponies a pasture beyond
the last known color
in the twilight sky
Author: Patrick Sweeney
a wild horse
in a blue canyon
the sound of water
Author: Grace Galton
winter twilight
he takes the bridle
from the old mare
Author: Alan Pizzarelli
only the distant peaks
between the horse’s ears
Author: Tomizawa Kakio
I close my eyes and in the void a black horse prances
Author: Sandra Simpson
steam museum –
the carousel horse
bares it’s teeth
Author: Lee Gurga
sweat steaming
from a team of geldings;
endless stars
Author: John McManus
evening kickoff
a police horse canters
towards the moon
Author: Robert Epstein
she asks to ride 
the winged horse home 
Author: Chiyo Ni
galloping horses also
smell their legs —
the wild violets
Author: Carole MacRury
heat wave—
the horse blinks away
a gnat's life
Author: Alan S. Bridges
spindrift —
Qomolangma sets free
a wind horse
Author: Charles Trumbull
beyond the Pecos—
a white horse grazes
in the bottomland
Author: Kevin Valentine
wild daffodils
a foal and a fawn
nose to nose
Author: Mike W. Blottenberger
grazing Shetland ponies and the distant ships
Author: Stuart Quine
starlight the clatter of hooves in the cobbled yard
Author: Zaidee Pisani-Lysenko
the bossy mare
bucks at the stallion
dry paddock
Author: Rob Scott
distant thunder—
horses scramble
into the home straight
Author: Marilyn Appl Walker
first spring gusts
all of the ponies 
gallop together
Author: Martha Magenta
starry night
the draught horse’s shoes
spark on concrete 
Author: Stewart C. Baker
a dark horse 
shakes out its mane …
summer rain 
Author: William Scott Galasso
Churchill Downs 
a parade of horses 
and lady’s hats 
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