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Per Diem Archive: L. Reeves, October 2020, Sky

Haiku for Per Diem on the theme of 'sky' as chosen by Lyn Reeves.

Author: David Oates
this summer night
lightning and lightning bugs
Author: Jane Williams
rainy day
little handprints
on the sky
Author: Jahan Tyson
cockatoo cries
across the vast blue
I ache for home
Author: Duncan Richardson
this valley filled
with moon, mist, stars
– who could sleep now?
Author: Jan Dobb
all of the sky
back in the sky
dry dam
Author: Dawn Bruce
smoke pall
on this New Year’s Day
the cry of currawongs
Author: Alan Summers
field of stargazers
I’m the one who waves
to the Chinese satellite
Author: Lorraine Haig
boundless blue
pelicans spiral
into specks
Author: Gregory Piko
office tower
a hawk’s image slides
over glass
Author: Kristen Lang
light fall
a speck of sky
inside the well
Author: Vanessa Proctor
home late
I take him outside
to see the moon
Author: Lynette Arden
Google earth
I mostly look
at my house
Author: Peter Macrow
white clouds
hard to believe
I’ve been there
Author: Ross Coward
no moon no stars at edge of forest hut’s light
Author: Jeffrey Harpeng
on the coffin lid
our faces
in the clouds
Author: Quendryth Young
brahminy kite
… as if tethered
to a boy
Author: Irene McGuire
tennis final under lights — the full moon
Author: Leanne Jaeger
a night
bereft of stars…
death of a friend
Author: Robert Epstein
clear winter night
the search for a suitable plot
among the stars
Author: David Terelinck
long-haul flight
the hostie recycles
one of her smiles
Author: Simon Hanson
over the ridge 
ten thousand years ago 
this same moon
Author: Kent Robinson
lowering sky
the breeze lifts a brolga
into flight
Author: Gavin Austin
high-plains hut
the swirl
of the milky way
Author: Ron C. Moss
lunar eclipse . . .
a single moonflower
awake in the dark
Author: Leonie Bingham
seven down-lights
on the helicopter’s belly
star-filled night
Author: Samantha Sirimanne Hyde
explaining why
we never exchanged rings
so much sky
Author: Lorin Ford
tour balloons . . .
backyard after backyard
Author: Beverley George
from a lifted oar
a shimmer connects the sky
and sunlit river
Author: Mark Miller
heat wave
the horizon’s haze
of locust nymphs
Author: Nathan Sidney
planting moon
the mountain's own names
for its flowers
Author: Christina Kirkpatrick
one drop
from the heron’s foot
splits open the sky
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