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Per Diem Archive: S. Burch, September 2020, Mental Health

Poems selected by Susan Burch for the per diem:daily haiku on the theme of 'mental health'.

Author: Pamela A. Babusci
first suicide attempt
her parents still
in denial  
Author: Paul David Mena
the secret of youth --
my mother forgets
her age
Author: Robin Anna Smith
a handful of pills I overdose on negative thoughts
Author: Julie Bloss Kelsey
every week the same
tangled branches
outside my therapist’s window
Author: Tia Haynes
stay-at-home mom
I take my sanity out
with the trash
Author: Carol Raisfeld
anger management
she downs a pint
of rocky road ice cream
Author: Neal Whitman
it took him
ten years to come home from war
drifting kelp
Author: Joshua Gage
all the meanings
of "I'm fine."
Author: Kirsten Cliff Elliot
wind chimes . . .
that same anxiety
rising again
Author: Vandana Parashar
overworked can a mom ever play possum
Author: Christine L. Villa
sensory processing disorder
bird tweets turn into
an orchestra
Author: Christina Sng
a new way
to stop my nightmares
dream catcher
Author: Michael H. Lester
no longer familiar 
the path to grandfather’s 
Author: Roberta Beary
sunshine state
my sister’s mania
in full bloom
Author: John J. Dunphy
I'm listed as a 'survivor'
in my ex's obituary
Author: Terri L. French
bi-polar disorder
rainbows floating 
on oil slicks
Author: Debbi Antebi
storm clouds
second guessing
the doctor
Author: Lori A Minor
I starve myself  
of value
Author: Michael Dylan Welch
rain in the forecast—
what have I done
with my afternoon?
Author: Ben Moeller-Gaa
weekday morning 
pulling my mood 
off a hanger
Author: Debbie Strange
split chrysalis
all the ways we learn
to become small
Author: Michele L. Harvey
winter stars
my expectations
Author: Barbara Kaufmann
migration a part of me already gone
Author: Cyndi Lloyd
English ivy
the proverbial wall
Author: Billie Wilson
rain becomes sleet
the secrets
we take to the grave
Author: Julie Warther
turning compost . . .
I still don’t understand
Author: Cherie Hunter Day
only the shadows
are familiar
Author: Robert Witmer
cooking for one
a little more salt
in the wound 
Author: Stanford M. Forrester
loneliness —
the crows don't sound so bad
after all
Author: Angela Terry
crescent moon–
so many dreams
turned sideways
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