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Per Diem Archive: B. Robertson, July 2020, Interdependence

Brian Robertson's selection of haiku for The Haiku Foundation's Per Diem on the theme of 'interdependence'.

Author: Lisa Espenmiller
morning fog 
Author: Terri L. French
autumn winds 
campaign signs 
shifting positions
Author: Randy Brooks
a pause 
in her going to town story . . . 
needle threaded again
Author: Mike Montreuil
dry season 
the earth not breaking 
for the mushroom
Author: Kala Ramesh
bone density
the branch crumbles
after the forest fire
Author: Marek Kozubek
one day at a time lottery ticket
Author: Neal Whitman
my blind date 
disarming the alarm 
she invites me in
Author: Jane Williams
the rusted-out car 
frog song
Author: Roberta Beary
wish tree
"peace" hangs
by a thread
Author: Bruce H. Feingold
a new mountain trail in my chest defibrillator
Author: Terri L. French
autumn morning 
the shape of a grandchild 
beneath the quilt
Author: Polona Oblak
distant thunder 
ants inside 
a broken egg shell
Author: Zuzanna Truchlewska
an earthquake - 
in the day care's rubble 
a lego tower
Author: Geethanjali Rajan
hearing aid― 
grandma now complains 
about the squirrels
Author: Ernest Wit
decaying leaves 
the sterile inside 
of a fertility clinic
Author: Tomislav Maretić
who is to blame 
goldfinch - you sing 
even in the cage
Author: Krzysztof Kokot
parisian subway – 
even the announcer’s voice 
sounds erotic
Author: Irena Szewczyk
spring gust 
the dress of the bride 
bellies out
Author: Ralf Bröker
under my skin
acid spills into
the river of words
Author: Iliyana Stoyanova
gray skies 
and timid birds twitter   
spring is late
Author: Robert Kania
Cold morning - 
a doe is running 
from shot to shot
Author: José Marins
Children's Day - 
in these pictures of my son 
how happy I was
Author: Ito (Juanito Escareal)
over the city dump 
Harvest Moon 
Author: Scott Mason
the leaf scent half bitter 
          half sweet
Author: Robert Kania
melting snow 
another hope 
to fall in love
Author: Randy Brooks
dirt farmer's wife 
at the screen door— 
no tractor sound
Author: Chen-ou Liu
long way home ...
windshield wipers clear
the silence between us
Author: Lorin Ford
the earth moves –
snails in love
Author: Đurđa (Djurdja) Vukelić-Rožić
our marital bed each year bigger
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