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Per Diem Archive: G. Piko, June 2020, Sunset

Haiku for Per Diem on the theme of 'sunset' as chosen by Greg Piko.

Author: Kent Robinson
the treacle song
of bellbirds at dusk ‒
I await the stars
Author: Carole Harrison
orange waves . . .
the taste of air
at sunset
Author: Kathy Kituai
autumn sunset
I take the rickety stairs
three at a time
Author: Beatrice Yell
in the soft twilight
scampering rabbits
Author: Lyn Reeves
long day's dusk ‒
in quietness now
the carousel horses
Author: Lorraine Haig
day's end
five kelpies cooling
in the horse trough
Author: Gavin Austin
setting sun
the old stockman
coils his whip
Author: Chen-ou Liu
nightfall in Nice
a pink doll beside
the body bag
Author: Celia Hope
sun set
skimming back to shore
Author: Ronald K. Craig
evening settles in
today's burdens
home to roost
Author: Quendryth Young
the sun leaves its glow
under a cloud
Author: Ron C. Moss
black rose . . .
even before
the dusk
Author: Hazel Hall
last light
haystacks edged
with golden lace
Author: Terry Ann Carter
curve of daylight
into dark
your mouth along my spine
Author: Thomas Powell
dusk darkens
quietly around an ash tree
the bat's first circle
Author: Srinivasa Rao Sambangi
the bamboo leaves
in shades of yellow
autumn twilight
Author: LeRoy Gorman
worth repeating
the transit of an endangered bird
across the setting sun
Author: Ian Storr
Twilight breeze
silver discs of honesty
foretelling night
Author: wyntirson
trembling twilight cold silence breathes her in
Author: Christine Eales
a sheepdog calls
his master home
Author: Paul Chambers
mountain path
star by star
the sky deepens
Author: Polona Oblak
daylight fading
shuffle of cold feet
at the bus stop
Author: Tito (Namche Bazar)
Last rays light
just the back
of the dragon-like cloud
coiling round Thamserku
Author: Madhuri Pillai
changing hues of the window pane sunset sky
Author: Ingrid Baluchi
equatorial dusk . . .
the bleat of anxious mothers
calling their kids
Author: Suleiman Ojodumo Amodu
bald head . . .
the sun setting
Author: Deborah P Kolodji
another sunset
that grunt you make
when you don't listen
Author: Angela Terry
pulling porcupine quills
from the old dog's rump ‒
canyon twilight
Author: Kala Ramesh
twilight across the alley quietly glowing
Author: Dan Curtis
gathering dusk in a pail wild blueberries
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