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Per Diem Archive: P.D. Mena, May 2020, Wine and Song

Paul David Mena's selection of poems for the Per Diem/Daily Haiku on the theme of 'Wine and Song'.

Author: Curtis Dunlap
funeral procession –
the town drunk tips
his tattered hat
Author: Brett Peruzzi
one a.m.
a drunken call
from the old boyfriend
Author: Sandi Pray
autumn’s end
a bottle of wine
shared with a bee
Author: Susan Burch
everything you took
in the divorce
long island iced tea
Author: Carol Raisfeld
kitchen encounter ~
tasting the wine
from his lips
Author: Carole MacRury
New Year's Eve--
bubbles rise again
in the old crystal flutes
Author: Paul Conneally
half-way home
a pint of stout
to keep out the cold
Author: Saege Stone
easing into
a glass of Merlot
moonlight through the pines
Author: John Hawk
beer bottles
clink in the cooler
summer solstice
Author: Chen-ou Liu
writing haiku ...
my wine glass fills
with sunlight
Author: Michael Rehling
my stories
getting better and better
four fingers of scotch
Author: Polona Oblak
no longer friends
the aftertaste
of imported ale
Author: Christopher Herold
too much wine
the gnat drying out
on my fingertip
Author: Ferris Gilli
Bar Mitzvah party
the young man and his mother
first on the dance floor
Author: Alan Summers
lime quarter ...
an icecube collapses
over jazz
Author: Jeffrey Winke
another whiskey
even the trophy trout
Author: Charles Rossiter
reading Basho
the mournful strains
of Coltrane's horn
Author: Michael Dylan Welch
between songs . . .
     pick marks
     on an old guitar
Author: Dick Whyte
than the moon . . .
Author: Fay Aoyagi
for the rabbits
on the misty moon
... fado
Author: Earl Keener
Grafton Street--
the busker shares
his wine
Author: Sheila Windsor
carousel music
a little girl's smile
comes round again
Author: Gillena Cox
street pannist --
in an empty milk tin
the clink of a coin
Author: #Piku314 (Babs McGrory)
new year blues
in my soup bowl
Author: Robyn Cairns
lullabies of suburban night trains
Author: Pearl Pirie
I awake
inside blossoms
Author: Terri L. French
wine at dusk
old friends discuss
their remaining years
Author: Susan Nelson
100 proof moonshine
the story better
than the soundtrack
Author: Aubrie Cox Warner
snowmelt --
Turkish jazz drifts in
with the afternoon
Author: Lucas Stensland
stacked shot glasses --
wondering when
it gets fun again
Author: Tomé Serge
between the first
and the second star
two glasses of wine
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