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Per Diem Archive: C. Skanne, April 2020, Connection

Caroline Skanne's selection of poems for The Haiku Foundation's Per Diem on the theme of 'connection'.

Author: Debbi Antebi
a wire hanger
bent out of shape
long winter
Author: John Martone
snow falling
all the dark morning he tries
to write his name
Author: Th Vandergrau
just in case—
brushing the fresh snow
from the windowsill
Author: Rebecca Lilly
Vultures scavenging on field ice—
catching myself
before I lie
Author: Scott Metz
meadow speaking the language she dreams in
Author: Scott Mason
marsh warbler
a ditty picked up
in Uganda
Author: frances angela
first bulbs a man explains Marxism to his son
Author: ai li
in a room
with no windows
drawing stars
Author: Simon Hanson
fallen oak
its underside
almost earth
Author: Cherie Hunter Day
winding road
for the next eight miles
Author: Ron C. Moss
crescent moon
a bone carver sings
to his ancestors
Author: Margaret Chula
end of summer
the rust on my scissors
smells of marigolds
Author: Frank Williams
neighbour’s white cat
he always looks puzzled
when I meow to him
Author: Joanne E. Miller
sparrow song—
my friend laughing
in all the wrong places
Author: Anna Maris
barbed wire another country
Author: Simon Chard
elder in leaf
her ungloved hand
slips into mine
Author: Susan Antolin
winter arrives early I tie Mom’s shoes in double knots
Author: Alan S. Bridges
on the train
no longer in a hurry
to get anywhere
Author: Michael McClintock
spring dream . . .
slipping my wings
into a work shirt
Author: Elmedin Kadric
rock paper scissors war
Author: Robert Epstein
the answer is yes no yes breaking waves
Author: John McManus
remembrance day
I tell my father
about his father
Author: Tim Gardiner
far too easily
daisy chain
Author: Lee Gurga
half empty
half full
half lotus
Author: Tzetzka Ilieva
did I tell you
more than you could bear?
winter hyacinth
Author: paul m.
a brook
growing louder
wild violets
Author: Michelle Tennison
just please how to forgive spring rain
Author: Katherine Cudney
moonlight . . .
our newborn’s tears
fill my breasts
Author: Victor Ortiz
tulip festival
migrant workers
pull the weeds
Author: Iliyana Stoyanova
rough sleeper
his bench almost catches
the morning sun
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