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Per Diem Archive: L. Minor, March 2020, Unconventional Beauty

Lori A Minor's selection of poems for The Haiku Foundation's Per Diem on the theme of unconventional beauty.

Author: Terri L. French
cyber bullying
hashtags on
the fat girl’s arms
Author: Tia Haynes
waist size
what it takes
to be loved
Author: Marianne Paul
love handles
more of me than
you asked for
Author: Edward Cody Huddleston
Veteran’s Day
he salutes with his
missing hand
Author: John McManus
soft boiled eggs
the waiter glances
at my man boobs
Author: Adjei Agyei-Baah
receding hairline
deciding when to let
all go
Author: Lucy Whitehead
after her chemo
grandma teaches me
to powder my nose
Author: Paul Smith
first signs of grey -
I turn the volume up
a little louder
Author: Robin Anna Smith
stretch marks the map to becoming
Author: Bryan Rickert
gender neutral
dad wonders if the army
would make me a man
Author: Vandana Parashar
new moon
my hand moves over where
once my breast was
Author: Réka Nyitrai
first age spots...
her hand even
more beautiful
Author: Michael Dylan Welch
ice cream
dripping off her chin—
the girl with freckles
Author: Praniti Gulyani
emerging breasts…
the sudden sharpness
of flower buds
Author: Susan Burch
Sunday pancakes
staring at
my breasts
Author: Elizabeth Alford
crow's feet
my long days ahead
gone to roost
Author: Hifsa Ashraf
first crush the smile behind her silver braces
Author: Elizabeth Crocket
disability pass 
they watch
until they see the cane
Author: Kath Abela Wilson
dandelion fluff
I pluck a white hair
from my chin
Author: Julie Bloss Kelsey
self-mutilation —
the scars you see
the ones you don’t
Author: Miriam Sagan
the moon cannot be called able-bodied nor can I
Author: Roberta Beach Jacobson
boob job
the lift
of eyebrows
Author: Theresa A. Cancro
sickle moon's edge of my menopause
Author: Irina Guliaeva
frigid garden
I watch him growing
a double chin
Author: Cyndi Lloyd
waxing cold moon
for two weeks my legs
without a shave
Author: Corine Timmer
first menstruation 
the deep red color 
of her wedding dress
Author: Alan Summers
into the small hours
my nervous tic
Author: Randy Brooks
his first haircut
a cowlick
Author: Deborah P Kolodji
premature tulips my milk comes in 
Author: Bill Kenney
old pond
the sound of
my own voice
Author: Anna Cates
ladies' night 
the smeared lip gloss
of a newbie
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